SGSM Golf Bag

SGSM golf bag for sale. First 50 booking is open to SGSM members who intend to purchase the above golf bag at price RM 600.00 per unit.

The golf bag specification are as follows:
Weight – 3.2 kg
Height – Normal spec
Diameter – 10 inches
Material – PU water proof
Name embroidery

The terms & conditions are as follows:
Full payment RM 600.00 upon confirmation of the order.
Made payment to SGSM Maybank Account no. 5145 4310 0215, Account Name: Persatuan Senior Golfers Malaysia. Send your preferred name and the payment slip to Mr Yaqqin 011-6335 8797

The Golf Bag will be delivered on or before 15 February 2023.

The closing date to make a purchase is on Friday, 30 December 2022.

If need further clarification kindly contact En Zainal at 011-2339 0280 or En Yaqqin 011-6335 8797.